Choko Mysli morgenmad


Lækker blanding af blandt andet, havregryn, Cornflakes, Bananchips, Mysli crunch og en masse lækker chokolade

Hvad synes du om Choko Mysli morgenmad?

Dear Madams and Sirs, We bought your choko Mysli in Denmark when we were on Fanö. And it is very delicious!!! Is there a chance to buy it in Germany, too? I read on the package that it is produced in Germany. So I thought that you might sell it with another brand name in Germany. Thanks a lot for your reply. Kind regards, Elke Reim Hamburg
Elke Reim
Dear Elke, good to hear that you like the mysli. I can tell you that the producer is called Brüggen, and it is placed in Germany - you can try to ask them (I am not sure whait their brandnames are). Best Regards Tina

Tina, Gestus