Makrelfilet fra Gestus

Hvad synes du om Makrelfilet?

I'm 57 yeras old and I grew up eating Mackerel in Tomato at Christmas Smorgasbords. Ilove it. The kind welike are gettinghard to locate. The ones we bought this year (Gabriels?) were very large fish and had very very little tomato sauce. The John West brand we can't get any more. Is GESTUS sold in Canada or the USA?
Peter R
Dear Peter. Thank you for your request. I wish I could tell you that you can buy Gestus Mackerel in Tomato in Canada and the US, but unfortunately you can't at the moment. However we are actually working on expanding our export, unfortunately we don't know when, where and exactly which products it will be. I sincerely hope that you'll find a good alternative near you. Best regards, Ida - Team Gestus

Ida B, Gestus

Jeg vil gerne vide, om Gestus makrel er produceret i Sæby
Jette J
Hej Jette, Ja, Gestus makrel er produceret i Sæby. Mvh. Ida, team Gestus

Ida B, Gestus